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¿Why Fiber?

Optical fiber has a faster speed than any other service currently on the market. Additionally, Fibra en Casa takes optical fiber inside your home, while other operators only reach to the nearest node and from there on they reach your home with copper cable, which limits the growth capacity of your internet connection. In other words, you have the best speed in the market with packages completely symmetrical.

Some benefits of Optical Fiber are:

  •  It allows downloads in minutes. 

  • By having more capacity, it allows connecting several devices to the same network, without losing connection speed. 

  • If you love to play online games on your computer or video console, you already know the importance of having a high-speed connection. With fiber you get real speed, allowing you to respond to game movements instantly. 

  • It allows you to watch online movies without pauses and page loads are faster. 

  • If your interest is teleworking, with optical fiber you could do it without any problem. Furthermore, you could have video calls in real time without interruptions. .