San Jose,
Costa Rica
+506 4350 0010

Who we are

Welcome to the website of FIBRA EN CASA, thank you for your interest in our connectivity services. Fibra en Casa is an exclusive supplier of home internet services, not for business. Our service is for household usage, therefore we do not offer service agreements as we would for companies, for this reason we are able to offer our services at a low cost.
FIBRA EN CASA began operations in 2016 with the purpose of providing our customers the same experience of internet they enjoy in their work place, at home.

We believe in high-quality connectivity services, where the customers can get the internet that they need, but a fair price. With the Internet we offer, the customer can access all the services, including TV, voice calls, security devices, robotic house, among others. In other words, FIBRA EN CASA chooses to EMPOWER customers so they take the best decisions regarding connectivity, at a monthly low-cost, according their needs.

FIBRA EN CASA connects its customers only through fiber, which makes a big difference in comparison with the competitors, since they offer a service called FttH (Fiber to the home), when in some cases the fiber is near by and from there on a copper cable is used to reach your home, which course it does not offer the great experience that you need.