San Jose,
Costa Rica
+506 4350 0010

Our Service

Fibra en Casa is committed to offering all the services that might work with the high-speed optical fiber we connect to your home. For that reason, we have designed our services guided by fiber optic’s communication technology,  this way we avoid unnecessary use of cables and space.

We anticipate that much more services will be provided via your dedicated Optical Fiber, this will allow you have access to an unlimited amount of data and speed in the future. For example, some added features are: Home Energy Manager, Home Robots, Virtual Travel, 3D Impressions, Online Training, Access to Video Games and everything will be possible via Fibra en Casa.

Optical Fiber

Optical fiber guarantees the highest speeds of all transport options in internet. Faster than Coax/Cable TV, much faster than Wireless, much faster than Accelera Coper. There are also mobile device companies, but their speed will be shared with another 1000 mobile devices, so their speed will not match with your fiber speeds.


Fibra en Casa is projected to increase the number of channels around November with 12 new channels.
Cost per month 6.900 colons, IVI
Installation fee: 9.000 colons

IP Telephony

Fibra en casa brings optical fiber inside of your home, while other operators only reach the nearest node and from there on connect your house with a copper cable. This limits the speed of navigation and therefore the speed at which data is transmitted.