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Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber

The main characteristics of our fiber are:

Is 100% Optical Fiber

Fibra en casa brings optical fiber inside of your home, while other operators only reach the nearest node and from there on connect your house with a copper cable. This limits the speed of navigation and therefore the speed at which data is transmitted.


Optical fiber is the fastest and most stable data transmission medium currently, which allows us to bring internet to your house with continuous latency, giving you the best experience of domestic internet to date.


All our speeds are symmetrical, which guarantees a great stability, especially for all those who work from home, or are looking for another type of high speed experience. .

Because of the way we install the connection to your home, we are certain to be building for the future. Any speed is a problem for us and the redundancy that we build ensures your connection to the internet at any time of the day.

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50/50 MBPS


por mes.


75/75 MBPS


per month.


100/100 MBPS


per month.


150/150 MBPS


per month.

* Availability of packages depending on the region