Fiber optics has come to change the speed which we connect, because the small fibers transmit data through light signals. For this reason, the internet reaches a higher speed, both upstream and downstream.

Thanks to the operation of fiber optics, it is possible to download and upload documents at high speed, watch your favorite programs, browse social networks, play online, among other activities, without worrying about interruptions.

These services have also had a positive impact on Costa Rica. Coverage increased by 146% in one year according to data provided in February 2021 by the Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel).

What are the benefits of the Fiber Optic?

  1. Better bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be sent in the same unit of time, which means that, with fiber optics, if there are several connected devices, the speed will be the same.

  • Increase audio and video quality

The image, video and audio format of video calls have better quality. With this, conversations and recordings do not suffer from interference or cuts.

  • Greater network security

In fiber optics it is easier to detect intrusion, so the theft of information is more complicated.

  • Less interference

Fiber optic networks are not affected by electromagnetic interference and even resist bad weather conditions.

  • Is ecologic

The amount of power required to send the signal is much less than that of conventional wiring, so it is a great help for the environment.

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