The symmetric internet allows the uploading and downloading of information without suffering failures in the availability of bandwidth or internet speed, improving the performance of the activities carried out online.

In other words, the download Mbps are the same as the upload, so uploading documents to the cloud or sending heavy files to co-workers will no longer be a headache.

Another benefit is that it allows several users and devices to work simultaneously without interruptions in the connection.

First, companies are the most interested in this service, due to the fact that the symmetric internet has greater speed, efficiency and quality in the connection, which translates into greater work performance.

One of the main advantages is that you can work bi-directionally with other work teams or with clients. In addition, videoconferences have excellent definition and do not suffer cuts, adapting to the demands of day to day.

However, with the new normal of teleworking, virtual classes and also leisure times such as sharing content on social networks, playing online, among other activities, the symmetrical internet is increasingly common in homes.

How do I know if my internet service is symmetric?

One of the fastest and most effective meters to check internet speed is

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